Flow Club

Flow Club

um 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Welcome to our new Friday night Flow Club!!

This is a special event set up for all the beautiful people who would love to learn the flow arts, acro-yoga, circus skills, dancing, drawing, or any other activity that brings more Flow into your life.
The environment is welcoming and relaxed. Bring a beer and watch at first or get stuck straight in with a toy. We have teachers for a huge range of props and practices, so whatever your lust is, come and indulge!

We would love to share some Flow State workshops, in which you can learn the art of Flow hacking.
The Flow State is scientifically defined as „The altered state of consciousnes, in which we experience ego depletion, time dilation and intense euphoria“. Simply remember any event in life where you experienced time slowing down (i.e an accident) or speeding up (i.e. a long conversation with an old friend that passes in an eye-blink), that was most likely the Flow State.
This state is hackable, once you know the science of it’s functioning, and this event is to celebrate and practice what many would consider to be the most beautiful place in the world, your very own Flow State!!!

Only 5€ per person. Bring toys, although we will have some equipment available to play with. And feel free to bring a few beers!

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