Flow Club

Flow Club

um 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Flow Club is back, and a lot more fluid than it’s previous incarnation.

This meet is an opportunity for experienced and newbies alike to come and learn new props. We will be providing a myriad of cool tools to play with, as well as some pointers in getting started with virtually any toy (i.e. Juggling, Diabolo, Flowerstick, Poi, Rope Dart, Clubs, Kendama, Staff/Double Staff/triple Juggling, Meteor Hammer, Schrödinger Staff, Meteor Dart, Dragon Staff, Contact Staff, Contact Juggling, Hula Hoop, Dapostar, Levistick etc).
Naturally with so many props to experiment with, I can only provide pointers to help you find a little Flow, and over time our wonderful commmunity can egin teaching itself the myriad of amazing Flow-Tools available at Just Juggling.

So come down every Friday evening and get involved. Start your weekend properly by holding off on the wine for a couple of hours and delving into Flow, finding true presence whilst bending time.

Only 5€ per person, feel free to bring snacks and drinks.
Contact the store at 030 78 897 987 or vermietung@justjuggling.com for more information.

With Flow and Fire,

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