Rollerskate dance

Rollerskate dance

Rollerskate – dance – love – passion










The RollerFusionClub connects unique people with each other and at the same time breaks down social and personal barriers. Childhood memories are revived and you feel catapulted back to the 70s. Nobody is judged here. We help and learn from each other. Everyone is accepted as they are. No age limit, gender or origin stops the roller skating scene. We are colorful, individual, free and open.

Roller skating is so much fun, you do not even notice you are doing sport. Time stands still and you feel the music and the moment.Lets embrace the moment together and join the fam! In our courses you will learn basics and dancemoves.

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THURSDAY : 17:30 – 19:00

SUNDAY: 11:30 – 13:00


Choose Your PLAN

Pick a pack that best fits your schedule and goals.All trainings take 1,5h/90min. German (native) and English (very good).

SINGLE TICKET : one training, 17€, till 16 yrs 12€

4 TICKETS           : join the training 4 times whenever you like , 60€, till 16 yrs 35€

1 MONTH             :  join the training how often you like, 75€, till 16 yrs 50€


Trainer: Oumou Kalsoum Dieng


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